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L.A. Car Connection is a full service car leasing and purchasing company that puts the power of buying a new car in the customer’s hands. Since opening our doors in 1993, we’ve made sure that our promise stays true: no pushy salespeople and no haggling. We will deliver a new or preowned vehicle with the exact specifications that you want. As an independent broker, we are not bound to any one car manufacturer or supplier. We offer our clients the best value in class. Whether you lease or purchase a new Ford or Ferrari, we can service all of your needs, any make, any model, with a smile. Once you envision the perfect car, contact L.A. Car Connection to assist you in having it delivered directly to your driveway.

We have the ability to acquire and deliver cars nationwide, while giving you the most incredible service we offer.

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    Leasing your vehicle often makes the most sense for many of our clients. Our leasing volume results in the best pricing available, and we pass the savings on to you.

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    We offer guidance and selection of the best vehicle to meet your individual needs. We do not want you to settle on a car. We will get you what you want including the options that you have selected so you can love your car as much as our service to you.

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    L.A. Car Connection will buy your car from you. Click here to tell us more about your car.

The Most Unique Experience

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We've been providing unparalleled customer service for more than 20 years. We offer guidance to help you choose the right vehicle for your needs and do the math to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

  • New Cars

    This is the most popular assignment we get. One of the great advantages of using L.A. Car Connection is that we get you the specific color, upholstery and factory-installed features you want on the model you like. Suppliers often charge extra for these services or claim that the automobile you want is impossible to find in the color or specifications you have in mind, simply because they don’t carry it themselves. With our buying power, you will never hear “no” to a car that you are looking for.

  • Pre-Owned Cars

    Purchasing a pre-owned rare car, a hard to find car, a classic car or even a muscle car is part of our excitement working with our clientele. We specialize in obtaining pre-owned cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maserati, to early 1970’s Ford Broncos, Chevelle’s, Stingrays and all types of muscle cars. Let us do the work and the search for you knowing that once we find a car, it will be the right one for you.

Sit Back & Enjoy Your New Ride!

Once you have safely parked the car you ordered in your driveway and you have signed and finalized all the paperwork, you can get back to your daily life. Hopefully, you've saved days of stress and hassle and spent far less than you saved on the final price tag. This is the best part – when you get to brag to your friends and maybe a consumer website or two about what an easy, awesome deal you just made on your new car working with L.A. Car Connection.

L.A. Car Connection Experience

With L.A. Car Connection, it’s personal, not business. We measure our success by client satisfaction and savings. Let us prove it by chatting with one of our trained staff or take a look at our YELP page and listen to what others say.

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